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I had to house sit for Katie this weekend. Giada was mostly good...but she barked CONSTANTLY last night. I didn't get any sleep. :( And Franklin has gotten so fat it isn't funny. Poor old kitty. He's about the size of three Rorys...and Rory is getting to be a big kitten!

We had some scary weather and yet another quake aftershock last week. I barely noticed this aftershock, though it was a bit stronger than the last ones (a 3.1). The thunderstorms and downpours on Thursday were awful. And there was a tornado watch most of the night! It's freaking October. Aren't we done with this crap yet?

I spent most of the weekend watching T.V. with Giada. She loves to sit on the couch next to me. I made good use of my time- I finished a Christmas cross stitch and started a second. I'm finally stitching again!

Also, CSU was KILLED by Boise State yesterday. I'm too embarassed to re-post the score. Poor Rams. They still have to face TCU this season.
Tags: cross stitch, earthquake! in! virginia!, football, pet sitting, weather
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