Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Halloween, done. Next, Thanksgiving!

Dad bought himself a new toy for his lawn:


I love it! There are going to be fourteen adults and two babies at Thanksgiving this year- I think Ella and Ethan will love the big turkey! Mom and Dad's is going to be crazy. I hope their new floors can take it.

Of course, with Thanksgiving up next, that means Christmas is less than two months away. I've finished two projects already- the "Merry Christmas" picture is now a jewelry box:


And here's a Britty Kitty ornament!


I'm going to do a small version of "Merry Christmas" and a large version of Britty next.

I haven't posted a Rory photo in a while. He's Mister Grumpy Pants today:


Big boy. I wonder how much bigger he's going to get!
Tags: christmas, cross stitch, family stuff, new kitten!

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