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Fuck you, snow!!!

I've been sick and cooped up all week, and the day I feel better, I can't get out because of the ice on the roads! LOL. I hate winter.

At least the snow isn't deep, and it's gone. So I'll be able to get out tomorrow!

I'm making some Sherlock-inspired jewelry. A "Sherlocked" pendant to go with my T-Shirt (which has already been shipped!), and a Keep Calm and Believe in Sherlock pendant.

Sherlock humor:

sci fi fantasy Sherlock (BBC) - Can't Blame Him

sci fi fantasy Sherlock (BBC) - Ladies.

*thud* I need an animated icon of this scene. Seriously, how beautiful is he? I can't believe it's the same guy who was so sleazy-looking in Atonement. Must be the hair and the coat. I like his dyed hair!