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Someone really doesn't like our choir...

The choir room was vandalized this week. Someone took a pipe (one of those heavy plastic ones) to the piano's keyboard, knocking the keys off. They've been fixed, but the piano is a bit out of tune. I wonder who did it, and how the hell they got in the choir room? The director was out of town when it happened- he ALWAYS locks up everything. Only a few other people have access to the keys.

It wasn't a lot of damage, but it really bugs me. It's bad enough that the Praise Team had guitars and sound equipment stolen, now we have to worry about vandals in the choir room? If someone got into the bell room and wrecked the bells, the choir would never recover.

The guitar thief was found out- it was the assistant custodian. Some of the sound equipment and the candlesticks were recovered, but the guitars are long gone, obviously sold.

Choir is a bit dull right now, otherwise. It always is after Christmas. :( Our music is almost too easy! Also, I'm still Choir Librarian. So I have to make sure I get to practice early every week. The bell choir is finally getting new tables- nice ones, this time. Our old ones were too heavy and hard to move around the church, and two were broken anyway! It only took ten years to get funding for new ones. *eye roll*
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