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I've had a cold for almost two weeks. That's two colds this year. That first one was more of an annoyance- this one has really knocked me out of commission. :( I've missed two choir and bell rehearsals and Sunday services, and yesterday's Ash Wednesday service. My voice is awful. I sound like Suzanne Pleshette. *lol* I scared the cat this morning when I called him!

I had to go to the doctor because this is getting ridiculous! I can't hear out of my left ear. So she took a look and said, "Oh, yeah, you're congested, but you also have ear wax buildup." Oh, gross. Never had that problem before. So I had a lovely ear flushing. I hate having water in my ear. And then she put me on antibiotics, a cough medicine, and two ear drops. Oh, what fun!

I'll live. Better to take care of it now than to have a full blown ear infection later.

Went to part one of the AMC Oscar Marathon last Saturday- I'd already seen War Horse and The Descendants. Benedict Cumberbatch+horses and George Clooney+amazing Hawaiian scenery. My cup runneth over.  The other two were Moneyball and The Tree of Life. Moneyball was awesome, and so was Brad Pitt. Jonah Hill even impressed me. And I love baseball and underdog stories, so it's an automatic win with me! Tree of Life (another one with Brad Pitt!) was strange. I understand what the director was aiming for, and it was pretty interesting and downright beautiful at times, but it was still hard to sit through. Most of the audience didn't get it. They actually laughed and applauded at the end...because it was over. That was a little harsh, but this movie sure isn't for everyone. This Saturday is The Help, Hugo, Midnight in Paris, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and The Artist (my favorite of the year!).
Tags: health woes, movies

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