Judi (mollybarton) wrote,


My new phone.

Well, golly gee whiz, look who I'm using for wallpaper. :p At least I used Hawkeye instead of a shot of Jeremy Renner's ass.

Father's Day was nice. We all went to Richmond and had tapas at Europa. I've never been there before, but it's a favorite of Sam's. Paul chose it. It was really good. I think we all ate too much- between the seven of us (Sam's girlfriend was there, too), we must have ordered 20 little plates. It was an interesting mixture of Spanish, Italian, and Middle Eastern. Really good tabouli and kebabs. Lovely Spanish cheeses, dates wrapped in bacon (everyone's favorite except for Mom, the vegetarian), duck and fig/arugula pesto pizza. 

Rory has been acting strange lately. He hides under my bed most of the day. :( Something scared him a few days ago, and he's not over it. But he's eating and everything else normally, so I'm not too worried. He's a strange cat.

Tags: family stuff, rory, toys!
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