Judi (mollybarton) wrote,


Watched A Little Trip to Heaven tonight. Terrible movie. Even Jeremy Renner was awful. And he looked bad, too. Like a total sleaze, which his character was.

To get the images of sleazy Jeremy out of my head, here's a brief picspam:

Okay, I lied. Not so brief.

Smokin' hot. But I hope he breaks the habit someday.

So pretty.


I love that he's a musician,too.

I watched Love Comes to the Executioner, too- that was weird. Only bright spot was Jeremy singing "American Pie". He's got a very sexy voice.

I'm going to skip Dahmer. I know it's the movie that really got his foot in the door...but, ugh. He played Jeffrey Dahmer. Ew. I read about how he prepared for the role- by jerking off to sick stuff. TMI, Jeremy, TMI. And one of the film clips floating around on Tumblr is of Jeremy as Dahmer...jerking off. I'll pass on the rest of it.

I do still want to see Neo Ned, though.

I think I'm pretty much caught up on Renner Film History, 101. ;)
Tags: movies, sex on a stick, tumblr, wtf did i just watch, wtf?

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