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That is the word that I see on tumblr all the time regarding hot guys. Got a huge amount of it today when Empire Magazine released its Bourne Legacy cover:


Please stop, Mr. Renner. You're killing your fangirls!!!!

More Jeremy (non-Bourne Legacy) under the cut. Lots of UNF today.

This one is probably from around the time S.W.A.T. came out.

I love his cute puppy dog face. Don't ya just want to pat him on the head?

I think this is one of my favorites. He almost looks like he's praying!

Tumblr is dangerous if you want to avoid certain things. I said I didn't to see 28 Weeks Later because I knew how Jeremy died in it. Well, guess what appeared on my dashboard the other day? Animated gifs of his death scene. Grrrrrr. He really was hot in that movie. Extra-crispy. :(

I watched Neo Ned. It was a surprisingly sweet and sad movie. And daaaaaaaayummm, that sex scene...
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