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Another finished Avengers cross stitch!

Took about ten hours total.

Movie stuff, RennerHawk spam behind the cut.

Picked up the latest Total Film magazine just for this poster:


I saw three movies in one week. Moonrise Kingdom was awesome. I loved the story- two odd pre-teens running off to get married. Great soundtrack that used Benjamin Britten's music. To Rome with Love was sweet and funny. I think I liked it better than Midnight in Paris! Magic Mike was interesting and rather sad...and the guys were hot. None of them had a better ass than Jeremy Renner, though. I present Exhibit A:
(from Neo Ned)

Next up- The Amazing Spider-man. I'll probably go see Dark Knight Rises while I'm in Kentucky.

Some more Renner goodness to go along with my Bourne Legacy poster- two stills from the movie. I can't wait for it!