Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Another finished Avengers cross stitch!

Took about ten hours total.

Movie stuff, RennerHawk spam behind the cut.

Picked up the latest Total Film magazine just for this poster:


I saw three movies in one week. Moonrise Kingdom was awesome. I loved the story- two odd pre-teens running off to get married. Great soundtrack that used Benjamin Britten's music. To Rome with Love was sweet and funny. I think I liked it better than Midnight in Paris! Magic Mike was interesting and rather sad...and the guys were hot. None of them had a better ass than Jeremy Renner, though. I present Exhibit A:
(from Neo Ned)

Next up- The Amazing Spider-man. I'll probably go see Dark Knight Rises while I'm in Kentucky.

Some more Renner goodness to go along with my Bourne Legacy poster- two stills from the movie. I can't wait for it!



Tags: avengers, cross stitch, movies, sex on a stick

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