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Or: Why I shouldn't stay up late to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live. :p Jeremy Renner was a guest on Tuesday night...and OMG, he was funny. The story about the loud stretching hikers in his driveway was a scream. The "I accidentally took Viagra instead of Ambien" story...well, I now call Jeremy the King of TMI. I'm glad it was late at night, because if I had been eating or drinking anything, I would have choked to death. I was a little disappointed in the Bourne Legacy clip that was shown- it wasn't anything new.

Some tumblr screencaps behind the cut...

The pre-show: Jeremy versus a toaster. The toaster won. He had to eat his Pop Tart cold.



I love Jeremy's television appearances. I'm actually going to watch Nightline tonight because he'll be on. :p And he's on The Tonight Show tomorrow. And Live with Kelly next week...counting down till the movie is out!

Just one more little pic from Bourne Legacy.

Don't let those longing looks fool you. There is no kissing in the movie! (Boo.)