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Home again!

Had a good trip, saw a lot of my family and did a lot of stuff, but I'm exhausted. Just got home a few hours ago. Picked up Rory- he was upset the whole time I was gone and wouldn't eat. Poor kitty. Next time, I'll have to have someone come feed and play with him when I'm gone.

Some more photos under the cut:

I did a lot of shopping. I stopped by the Hadley Pottery outlet. This is one of M.A. Hadley's original pieces:


I had my birthday lunch at Lynn's Paradise Cafe. Every time I go there, I notice new stuff:


Lynn's Ugly Lamp Contest entrants:

After lunch, I saw The Dark Knight Rises. It was excellent. I think it was even better than The Dark Knight.

Mom and Dad got me a Kindle Fire! I love it. I also got a bunch of gift cards for amazon, itunes, Michaels, and Sephora.

When I got home, this was waiting for me: