Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Why can't it be 2013 yet? :(

The weekly RennerHawk spam behind the cut.

Jeremy has two movies coming next year. Hansel and Gretel will probably suck, but will still be fun. I look forward to this scene:


Nightingale looks like it will be good, too. He hasn't done a period drama in a long time. And he has a romance with Marion Cotillard- he plays a magician who falls for her prostitute character, and tries to save her from his cousin/her pimp (Joaquin Phoenix).


And he's signed on or almost signed on for a Steve McQueen biopic, another film once known as American Bullshit, another Bourne movie (eventually, just announced that there will be more) and of course, a bunch of Marvel stuff (rumored for Captain America 2, to start!). Jeez, I hope he doesn't wear himself out.

Cute gif from Bourne Legacy:


Oh, that smile.

And finally, today is the "birthday" of Clint Barton/Hawkeye! He made his debut on this date in 1964, as a villain for Iron Man. Fortunately, he's come a long way in 48 years!

I don't think he'd appreciate this, though:


Ooooops! I blame Tony Stark.

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