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Bye bye, Ponds...

Just finished watching The Angels Take Manhattan. Great episode, but I'm still sniffling. :( It made me cry more than Doomsday and End of Time combined.

Mega spoiler under the cut...really, don't read if you haven't seen it yet.


This killed me. KILLED me. At least they got to be together...

I'll never look at the Statue of Liberty the same way again. MOFFAT!!!!!

Is it bad that I'm going to miss Rory more than Amy (I did name my cat for him, after all!)? I liked Amy just fine, but the two of them together made it perfect.

Poor Doctor. And poor River! She loses her parents twice- first as a baby, and now! "Melody, look after him. And you be a good girl. Raggedy Man, goodbye." *gross sobbing*

Speaking of Rory cat- he jumped in front of the T.V. during the show, so I struck a Weeping Angels pose. It scared the crap out of him and he jumped right off of the stand. Bwah!
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