Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

After the migraine...

I get hyper and silly, and need to do something fun. Or something funny. So Clint and Tasha go in front of the camera again...(really, I need to make a scrapbook of their adventures.)

Looking for comfy chairs...even master assassins need to sit down now and then...



More decorating for Halloween. BooQuack.


This one was inspired by some fan art on Tumblr- Clint and Tasha go to the State Fair and win at all the games because of their shooting skills.


Clint and Tasha are going with me to my sister's house while I pet sit. New adventures for them! And I have great plans for them for Christmas (having to do with mini Christmas Trees and a gingerbread house).
Tags: avengers, the adventures of clintasha, toys!

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