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Thanksgiving goodies.

Had a great day with the family. Just eight this year, but we had a good time. Dinner was fabulous, and we had a ball watching the Redskins beat the snot out of the Cowboys!

Some pics behind the cut...

Extra stuffing that I molded into fall shapes:


Turducken! I'd never had it before. It was yummy.


The dessert table- six kinds of pie (three of which I baked!), one pumpkin roll.


The table centerpiece:


Clint and Tasha joined in the festivities...


Finally, some Thanksgiving humor.


I'm very tired. I made three pies (two of each kind), two appetizers, and three side dishes. I'm going to rest for a day before tackling the Christmas decorations!
Tags: d.c., family stuff, football, toys!

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