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New Year, New Projects.

I have chosen my big cross stitching project for 2013. It's a Nora Corbett/Mirabillia chart- The Dressmaker's Daughter.


This will be for my mom for either her birthday or Christmas, depending on when it's finished! Mom doesn't sew clothing as much as she used to, but this will look nice in her sewing room.

I took a whole year off from Mirabillia designs- it's time to tackle one. I'm going to do it section by section, so I don't have to order all the beads, special threads, and charms all at once (they're expensive!). I already have most of the regular floss and some beads, plus suitable fabric. Sadly, my wonderful local cross stitch shop went out of business in the fall, so I'll have to get everything else online. :(

I'll still do other stuff- I have a Sherlock chart, a Torchwood chart, and I'm halfway done with stitching Star Trek: The Next Generation. But the dresses will take up most of my time!