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Insomnia struck last night...

So I spent some time on Tumblr, on the Master and Commander tag. There was a lot of stuff! Glad to know the movie still has fans, almost ten years later.

Some fun stuff:

A design from redbubble.com: The Three Captains Jack- Harkness, Sparrow, and Aubrey!

Maturin and Mowett playing dress-up:

And a favorite scene:


I need to watch the movie again. It's been a long time.

Also- yesterday was RennerHawk's birthday. So here's a new pic I found- behind the scenes of Bourne Legacy:



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Jan. 12th, 2013 09:26 pm (UTC)
I love Master and Commander! It was the first movie I bought on Blu-Ray. Paul Bettany is just edible, and I think Russell Crowe is a great actor. I have read several of the books (they're fascinating but rather odd, to be honest - strangely constructed) and I thought Rusty and Paul were perfect in the roles. PB doesn't look like the Maturin of the novels, and probably doesn't sound like him, either, but that is less important to me than getting the spirit right.I probably would have liked more hinting at Maturin's espionage role, but overall the movie's a real favorite.

Lovely pic of Jezza above!!!!!! And so sweet to see Rachel's expression.
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