Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Golden Globes!

Cheers and rants, and RennerHawk photos behind the cut.

Pleasant surprise- Ben Affleck winning best director for Argo- after being snubbed by the Oscars.

Jeremy Renner introduced Zero Dark Thirty, which was directed by his Hurt Locker director, Kathryn Bigelow. (Who was also snubbed by Oscar this year.) Apparently he swore or something, because he got his sound cut out (not bleeped):
I have the feeling he was as drunk as everyone else there tonight. :p Ah, gotta love the Golden Globes.

Amy Poelhr and Tina Fey were good co-hostesses. So much funnier and classier than Ricky Gervais. But no less drunk than the rest of the folks there. Hee hee.

Les Miserables wins Best Motion Picture: Musical or Comedy, Hugh Jackman won Best Actor in the same category, Anne Hathaway won Supporting Actress. I'm happy!

Jessica Chastain won Drama Actress, Jennifer Lawrence for Comedy. Daniel Day Lewis is one step closer to winning Oscar number three, for Lincoln. Christoph Waltz on his way to Oscar number two after winning Supporting Actor for Django Unchained.

Holy crap. Argo beat Lincoln for Best Picture: Drama. AWESOME.

Oscar noms are set, and so is the AMC Theaters Oscar Showcase. I can't wait: I've already seen Les Mis. Looking forward to seeing the rest- Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty, Argo, Life of Pi, Django Unchained, Amour, Silver Linings Playbook, and especially Beasts of the Southern Wild. Totally missed that one because it didn't play in my town. I'm not looking forward to Django as much as the others- as good as Tarrantino's stories are, the violence in his movies make me squirm. Looking forward to good acting from that one, at least.

TV awards- don't care much. Benedict Cumberbatch didn't win for Sherlock. Martin Freeman wasn't even nominated. Sick of Claire Danes (though at the urging of friends, I will give Homeland a chance. I'm just not a fan of hers much) winning over the long ignored and deserving Connie Britton. That is all.

Oh, Jeremy. Let me love you!!!

GG red carpet. Oh, he is fine.



Independent Spirit Brunch:


This photo from the GGs is causing fangirl speculation (and worry, FFS!)...but look closer. That ain't his hand! It's the hand of an older man (possibly the man behind him), and besides, there was no ring on his finger when he presented. And even so, would it be bad if he was married? That would mean future baby Renners. ;)

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