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Felt way, way better today. I think this is passing for now, but when I go to the doctor next week (earliest I could get in was Wednesday), I'll have a list of stuff that's gone on in the past two, three weeks. I think some of it might be hormonal/chemical like Bonz said.

Exercised for another hour today. That's one thing that helps...it takes my mind of things and makes me feel better physically. My goal is to walk at least 2 miles a day, and to alternate with the bike and rowing machine. I really need to invest in a punching bag and gloves. My dad was a boxer in high school (would have been in college if they hadn't cut the program), and said it kept him fit and was also good for venting frustration without breaking anything!

One good thing today- I lost my copy of All the Small Things, but someone uploaded the entire series to watch online. That made me so happy. I haven't watched it in a year. When I feel like crap, the silliest little things make me feel a lot better.
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