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Oscar Showcase, part 1.

Amour, Les Miserables, Argo. Skipped Django Unchained, want to wait for the DVD because then I can skip whenever the violence gets to be too much.

Amour was heartbreaking and hard to watch, about an elderly couple dealing with the wife's stroke and decline. I was able to follow the dialog without relying too much on the subtitles. I'm surprised I remember so much French from high school!

Les Miz I'd already seen, and it was better the second time around. And I cried just as hard.

Argo was a great true story about a time I remember very well- the hostage crisis in Iran. This was about the rescue of six Americans through a clever plan- using a fake Canadian movie production as a cover to get them out. The ending was a little Hollywood-ized, but still a great film. It deserves the awards it's been getting, and I don't get how Ben Affleck was not nominated for the best director Oscar. Once again, he was robbed. I still think The Town deserved more award attention than it got (Jeremy Renner got the film's sole Oscar nomination, and of course he lost to Christian Bale for The Fighter).

Speaking of The Town, I'm currently reading the novel it was based on, Prince of Thieves. Not much was changed except the ending, and Jem was a little more unhinged in the book. *shuddered* I wonder how much Jeremy had to dial back when shooting...

And speaking of The Renner- I watched his appearance on The Graham Norton show. As usual, he was hilarious. He told the "mistaking Viagra for Ambien" again. He makes the funniest faces during interviews...
 photo tumblr_mibg7bgei61rxxjijo6_1280_zpsd811feeb.jpg

Family news- my cousin Sarah is having a baby girl in July! First girl in the family in a few years. My aunt and mom are so excited. Mom wants to make a Sunbonnet Sue quilt for her. Meanwhile, Katie's niece Marissa's second baby is a boy, due in May. Two new babies to look forward to this summer.
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