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Time flies...:(

I just found out through Facebook that one of my favorite teachers from my freshman year of high school, Mrs. Brown, just died. She taught my favorite class- Film Study. She picked great movies and short films to show the class, but I think a few of my classmates really didn't appreciate it. In one month, we saw Citizen Kane, On the Waterfront, and Black Orpheus, as well as the Holocaust documentary Night and Fog. She also made us write reviews of movies and television at least every other week- she always liked mine! I think the class was dropped after she retired, which blows.

Wow. That's the first teacher from Broomfield High School that I had who has passed away (that I know of). Many are retired now, at least. I graduated almost 24 years ago. Scary!
Tags: colorado, movies, nostalgia attack!
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