Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

RennerHawk and the Oscars!

Many photos!

Red carpet Renner!
 photo tumblr_mir78ywmHc1ryt888o4_400_zpsbc9855ee.jpg

 photo tumblr_mir79eDo8i1rngptso1_500_zpsed74b1c2.jpg

Oscars Assemble!
 photo tumblr_mir792kNcY1rvo8yjo1_500_zpsd3b0e914.jpg

Making fun of Fury!
 photo tumblr_mir7aesjRl1qbgdqpo1_500_zpse6355d6d.jpg

 photo tumblr_mir8j0pMaS1s4s15po1_500_zps15535b85.jpg

They were a bit awkward, except for Samuel L. Jackson. Jeremy Renner was his usual lovable self, Robert Downey Junior was Tony Stark again, Mark Ruffalo adorkable, Chris Evans looked pretty.

Bonus Renner from the Independent Spirit Awards from yesterday:

Hawkeye and Katniss, my favorite archers! Jeremy presents Jennifer Lawrence the Best Female Lead award.
 photo tumblr_mipecmlO9q1qghd52o1_500_zps4262586a.jpg

Belly up to the bar!
 photo tumblr_mipgw28Nhe1r0y8duo5_500_zps69755ed5.jpg

Absolut Jeremy!
 photo tumblr_mipeq0Q42X1rmwj9ho4_500_zps64d0d425.jpg

One last hot photo I've never seen before...

 photo tumblr_mioiatIpty1qhlfm8o1_500_zps7048dca9.jpg

You are killing me, Mr. Renner. KILLING ME AND I LOVE YOU FOR IT!!!!!
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