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Oscar goodies, Oscar sucks.

Squees/rants and photos behind the cut. Longgggggg post ahead.

I don't like Seth McFarlane as host. He is vulgar, mean, and not funny. Most of the opening was cringe-worthy.

Highlight of the show was Dame Shirley Bassey singing "Goldfinger" during an otherwise lackluster "50 years of James Bond" tribute.

Using the "Jaws" theme to cut off overlong acceptance speeches was both rude and funny.

I missed most of the memorial tribute. Got back to the television in time to hear Barbra Streisand's tribute to Marvin Hamlisch, singing "The Way We Were". I knew she was going to do that as soon as she was announced as a presenter last week!

No surprises for the most part. Christoph Waltz won Supporting Actor for Django Unchained. Brave won Animated Feature, Amour won Foreign Film, Anne Hathaway won Supporting Actress for Les Miz!

 photo tumblr_mirau1xJE51qb4p3ko1_500_zps6f3a7a57.jpg

One surprise- Life of Pi won Original Score. I was rooting for Thomas Newmann's score for Skyfall. He's never won and is so deserving.

Adele won Original Song for Skyfall.

Another surprise- Argo won Adapted Screenplay over Lincoln! No surprise, Tarrantino won Original Screenplay for Django Unchained. Amour deserved it more.

One more cute Avengers shot- RDJ and Renner.
 photo tumblr_mirbckZuCg1r5f1xwo1_500_zps3a12ac29.png

My version of the same photo...Horny Little Devil! He just has that naughty glint in his eyes. This is now my laptop's background photo.
 photo hornylittledevil_zpsa616af68.png

OMG so cute. Halle Berry with nominee Quevenzhané Wallis. She is gonna be gorgeous when she grows up. Her dress is Armani Junior. ARMANI JUNIOR. Oh my God. LOL.
 photo tumblr_mir5l9rgRu1qelyroo1_500_zps3fe97dc9.jpg
"I'm da man!"
 photo tumblr_mirezj3giG1qa5ui1o1_500_zps276f81a0.png

HUGE surprise. Ang Lee wins Best Director for Life of Pi!

No surprise, Jennifer Lawrence wins Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook. Not gonna complain, she was fantastic, but I was kind of hoping Emmanuelle Riva would win for Amour.
 photo tumblr_inline_mirfefH5gp1qhfl40_zpscd07fde8.png

Also no surprise, Daniel Day-Lewis wins Best Actor for Lincoln. Well deserved.

Michelle Obama announces the Best Picture Winner? Love it.

Argo wins Best Picture!!!! So Ben gets an Oscar anyway (Well, his second- first was for writing Good Will Hunting). "Argo fuck yourself, Academy!" And that's the second Oscar for co-producer George Clooney.

Holy shit, Ben is crying!

 photo tumblr_mirffs6aIo1qhypl3o2_250_zps484f92ef.png

Show overall was kind of meh. McFarlane was not a great host, and a lot of the presenters seemed stiff (especially the zombie-like Kristen Stewart).