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Part 3...

...of The Guests in Hawkeye's Nest.

Uh-oh, something's happening! (scratch scratch crack)
 photo egghatch1_zpsfb515160.jpg

Chirp, chirp! Awwwwwwww. They seem to like Hulk and Fury.
 photo egghatch2_zps07ee1029.jpg

They're so fluffy! Clint and Tasha are just in love with the babies. But Fury is worried about Mama Bird...
 photo egghatch3_zps01bf34f6.jpg

"Why are you following me around? I'm not your mother!!" They love him. But poor Clint. When Mama comes, he's gonna miss them!
 photo egghatch4_zpse997e054.jpg

The fourth and final part (Mama Bird and Loki's punishment) will be later this week.