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Spring is coming at last.

Garden stuff under the cut! Also, instead of spring cleaning, Mom and Dad are remodeling their kitchen.

Daffodils coming up!

 photo garden2_zpsed5dca3e.jpg

 photo garden3_zpsa5bce6c1.jpg

Clint and Tasha are excited about the flowers. They were getting bored of winter, too.

 photo garden4_zps8af1c9b4.jpg

Everything but the kitchen sink...oh, wait. There it is. Mom's going to use the old sink (ripped out during remodeling) in the garden as a veggie washing station.
 photo garden1_zps71ddefbc.jpg

Mom and Dad's new kitchen- almost done, just waiting for the new sink, counters, and microwave to be installed.
 photo newkitchen_zpsbc10681c.jpg

I am so happy that spring is almost here. It's been an awful winter. Very dreary and cold.