Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

The Guests in Hawkeye's Nest...the end.

Part four, Mama Bird shows up. Plus, some RennerHawk photos to drool over, and a minor fandom rant.

Fury introduces the gang to Mama Bird. It turns out that the eggs ended up in Clint's nest because Loki stole them as a prank. Mama was mad, but glad The Avengers took care of the babies.

 photo mamabird1_zps0f95b172.jpg

 photo mamabird2_zps702031f9.jpg

"Ha ha! Big Bird squish puny god!" Hulk is amused at Loki's punishment.
 photo mamabird3_zps65e2fb37.jpg

Tasha consoles Clint in their now-empty nest. He misses the babies...
 photo mamabird4_zps10be6240.jpg

...but they're not going far. Mama and chicks are staying in Clint's birdhouse until Easter...and Loki has to clean up their messes as his punishment. Ewwwwwwww...
 photo mamabird5_zps7a0772c5.jpg

The end. I have plans for them for St. Patrick's Day.

RennerHawk and rant:

Oh, Lordy! Jeremy is in Boston, getting ready to shoot a yet untitled film (originally known as American Bullshit, but there's no way they can use that title). Here he is at a party for Restoration Hardware's new store:

Yeah, he's posing. No way that's a casual shot. Work it, boy.
 photo tumblr_mjd64rd58J1rylfcco6_500_zps1c026c92.jpg

Great. Now pinball machines are going to be like porn for the fanwomen!
 photo tumblr_mjd64rd58J1rylfcco5_500_zpsbf2fc5cd.jpg

The baby mama drama continues at Tumblr and Jeremy's IMDB board. It's getting absolutely insane. Some "fans" are dropping him because they think he's being a jerk about the whole thing...when A: There is still no proof he's a baby daddy and B: It's none of our business anyway. I am almost ashamed of this fandom. Grow up, girls. He owes us no explanation. The only thing we've heard that is the truth- his dad and stepmother ARE having a baby. The rest- only he can say, and that's that.

Tags: fangirl rants/squees, oh the drama!, sex on a stick, squeeeeeee!, the adventures of clintasha, the avengers, toys!

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