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The Full Monty!

Just saw the musical at Riverside. Sally Struthers made another appearance at our local theater...and I just missed out on meeting her, which sucks. :( There was a nice reception with great food...which was a good thing, because the dinner actually sucked tonight. It's never been bad before. I mean, it's a dinner theater, not 4 star dining, but the food is usually good!

The show is so awesome! I laughed my ass off. Great music. It's very different from the movie, which was British- the setting is changed to Buffalo, NY, but the story is the same. Unemployed, not so hot guys decide to put on a stripping show to raise some cash. So much fun. And Sally clearly had a ball working with the boys.

I couldn't help but think...if the musical ever goes to the big screen, Jeremy Renner would be perfect for the lead. He has that working class everyman look to him, and a great sense of humor, too.