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Play ball, and post-Easter madness.

Baseball is back! The Nats beat the Marlins in their season opener at Nationals Park, 2-0. Nats Town! Let's hope it's a good year for the Mets and the Nats! The Mets beat the crap out of the Padres at Citi Field- 11-2. The Rockies lost their first game.

I lied. One more Clintasha adventure before my break- the day after Easter. Headless Peeps and chocolate/gummy bunnies litter the floor. Thor has triumphed over the Bunny Menace, and Loki is in a Peeps-induced coma. Hulk can't get enough of the gummies.

 photo eastermonday1_zpsb2e1380b.jpg

CLINT NO. Clint is addicted to jellybeans. Tasha and Thor try to stage an intervention, with no success. NOM NOM NOM NOM.

 photo eastermonday2_zpsd61c1060.jpg