Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Some more fangirling...

Last post of the day, I promise. Two more ABSCAM shots of Christian Bale and Jeremy Renner on set:

 photo tumblr_mkz7jeqzJP1qcb487o6_r1_500_zpsbc88c749.jpg

 photo tumblr_ml250ppjQW1redlhjo1_500_zps85cb29e4.jpg

Every set photo I see makes me even more excited about the movie. But I can't get over Jeremy's hair!

On the other side of the pond, a press release photo of Bryan Dick for Public Enemy:

 photo tumblr_ml202uEZAl1rbr7xso1_500_zps516dc72e.jpg

The long hair is coming back, yay!
Tags: fangirl rants/squees, movies, sex on a stick, theater
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