Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day in one weekend!

Had a great time cooking my usual Louisville themed meal- Hot Brown, Benedictine spread, and "Derby" Pie. And I enjoyed the race. I hope Derby winner Orb has a real shot at the Triple Crown!

Got really sick overnight, so I didn't get to do anything special for Cinco de Mayo. I was hoping to at least get a good margarita somewhere. Oh, well. My Avengers figures had their own little party instead.

Some photos behind the cut...

The pie. This was a different recipe, one more like the original pie from Kern's Kitchen.

 photo notderbypie2_zps80575b8a.jpg

Rory attacked me when he saw I was grating Parmesan cheese for the Hot Browns. I gave him a few shreds.

 photo roryandcheese_zps57db4b10.jpg

Benedictine- this was the best I've made in years. I don't know what I did differently.

 photo benedictine_zpsba9eafdc.jpg

The Avengers had a Cinco de Mayo celebration, complete with margaritas and a pinata.

 photo cincodemayo1_zps210febfb.jpg

No, Hulk! Don't smash Thor! Thor thinks the pinata is a fine riding beast.

 photo cincodemayo2_zps8f8789f2.jpg

Clint and Tasha enjoy their margaritas, but Cap isn't sure what to make of his.

 photo cincodemayo3_zpsd859ef2f.jpg

Okay, now Hulk can smash Loki-pinata!

 photo cincodemayo4_zps489dbd97.jpg

I love doing these little scenes. Can't wait for the Fourth of July! (Cap's favorite.)

Tags: cooking, kentucky, rory, the adventures of clintasha, the avengers

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