Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Just keeping busy.

I made some more action figure necklaces.

 photo capnecklace1ii_zps4305b8e7.jpg

 photo lokinecklace2_zps13c13562.jpg

 photo ironmannecklace2_zpsee95bd77.jpg

 photo thornecklace2_zpse5f13e4c.jpg

I found the little figures at Wegman's, of all places! Two bucks each, so I got two of everything, including Hawkeye. They were out of Hulk, though, and there was never a Black Widow, which really sucks. :( I may go back next week and get more. I've never seen them this cheap. So I have a nice assortment of pendants on etsy. And since I bought extra Hawkeyes, I'm keeping one of those for myself!
Tags: beading, crafty!, etsy, the avengers

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