Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

I see an Oscar for the costume designer...

Holy crap, the latest photos from the American Hustle set are insane. Beer belly Christian Bale in a velvet suit, Amy Adams in a dress cut so low you almost see everything, Bradley Cooper's insane "perm" (it's not real), and of course, Jeremy Renner looking very much like a late 1970's politician. In sad news, the real life man behind Renner's "Carmine Polito" character, Angelo Errichetti, passed away yesterday at age 84.

 photo tumblr_mn03qy8D4u1rvs6oho1_500_zpse7b5c993.jpg

 photo tumblr_mn06fwE2NP1rca6sto10_1280_zps20436552.jpg

 photo tumblr_mn028loKCw1rvbbl2o1_1280_zpsf83ad528.jpg

I don't have a link, but an earlier set photo of Jennifer Lawrence made her look like my Darci doll from the 70's. Both the hair and outfit looked exactly like one of the doll's. Up swept hair, gold disco outfit.

I just bid on a Darci on ebay. I hope I win her- I'd love to have that piece of my childhood back! Never removed from the box, too!

 photo T2eC16NzUE9s389y3-BRlriPE8Dg60_57_zpse4665be3.jpg

I had the blonde and the redhead. Never found the brunette, or Dana, Darci's black friend. I had several of the outfits, too. I loved her so much more than Barbie...I don't know why she only lasted a few years. I guess Kenner was more interested in promoting there Star Wars line!
Tags: movies, nostalgia attack!, sex on a stick, toys!

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