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Like a kid again...

My Darci doll arrived today. Took her out of the box, which was falling apart (but still in pretty good shape for something 35 years old!):

 photo darci_zps725c94bf.jpg

"Wowza!" Clint is delighted, but Tasha is not. :p

 photo darci2_zpsef0a610c.jpg

Had my second Etsy order today, too! :) People really like my stuff! (I'm still working on your piece, mozinrath!)


Jun. 2nd, 2013 12:50 am (UTC)
Darci was more fun than Barbie, because her arms bent, while Barbie's were straight. She was easier to dress, too, for a girl like me who was pretty clumsy with small things.

Another 70's doll I wish I'd had- Sindy. She had amazing furniture and accesories.

I also remember Dawn, though she'd stopped production before I was old enough to play with them. My babysitter had them...

Edited at 2013-06-02 12:51 am (UTC)