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More Hawkeye love...

I put I love Hawkeye in a cork board frame. Then I put it right next to my computer, so I can stick notes on it when I need to!

 photo hawkeyeboard_zps1b526b7a.jpg

I'm making Hawkeye-themed push pins to use with it.

Also, Mom got me an early birthday present because Vera Bradley was having a big sale...

 photo vbpurse_zps4c42a622.jpg

I've never seen that style or pattern before. I love it. I'm switching purses tomorrow!

Other family stuff...my great-uncle Carl died on Wednesday. The funeral was Friday. Mom and Dad went, but there wasn't time for me to make arrangements for Rory, so I couldn't go. :( Also, Mom is using the trip as a chance to see her friend Carol, who is very sick with cancer. Not good times. Mom and I may fly out to Louisville later this summer, because I couldn't go this time. By then, Sarah's baby will be here, and I want to see her!