Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Very long garden post ahead!

Lilies exploding! Cicadas attacking Hawkeye and Black Widow! Pics behind the cut.

This is the second wave of lilies in Mom's garden. Mostly orange day lilies and stella d'oros, but an occasional red popped up:

 photo lilies2ndwave1_zps1e134a0f.jpg

 photo lilies2ndwave3_zps5fd90710.jpg

A visiting butterfly.

 photo lilybutterfly_zpse2d75b61.jpg

Clint likes the orange ones.

 photo clintashalilies1_zps9ed6a7ad.jpg

HULK SMASH PUNY CICADAS. Tasha really hates them. They're almost done. Yay. The noise was driving me insane!

 photo hulksmashcicadas_zps242e05f3.jpg

We're about to get hit with a derecho-like storm. Do not want. I will probably lose power today. Ugh. Rory knows something is up. He's already hiding under my bed!

Tags: garden, the adventures of clintasha, toys!, weather
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