Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Almost done house sitting...

Woke up to this yesterday:

 photo goodmorning_zps2a266a2c.jpg

It's pretty out here. Giada has been very good this visit. She misses her mom, though.

I had to pick veggies from Katie's garden...many beans and squash. Clint and Tasha helped me.

 photo clintashaveggies_zpsb4e644d4.jpg

Then they found some refreshment...

 photo clintashabeer_zps5c5fa9e3.jpg

Sarah had her baby today! A girl, but we all knew that. Just over seven pounds! Hopefully, there will be photos soon. I might get to see her in September!
Tags: babies!, family stuff, garden, pet sitting, the adventures of clintasha, toys!

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