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Happy Fourth of July!

For my fellow Americans:

 photo tumblr_mpdiw1gWBj1sr3fs5o1_1280_zps3cbc0c29.jpg

Some of the Avengers got together to celebrate the Fourth of July, as well as Captain America's birthday! Steve doesn't look 95, does he? :p

 photo fourth1_zps4dd073bb.jpg

 photo fourth2_zps2d27484a.jpg

"D.C. or bust!" Uh-oh. I'm going to have a couple of stowaways when I go to Washington next week.

 photo fourth3_zpsaa77188f.jpg

"Tasha, did you see my 'Monumental Erection'? Get it?"

"What are you Clint, twelve?"

 photo fourth4_zps96b745d4.jpg

He's going to embarrass us while sight seeing...I just know it! Fortunately, the Washington Monument is still closed, so that won't be a problem...

The fireworks are driving Rory insane. He's hiding under the bed. Poor baby.