Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

My week in D.C....

Long, long post with photos ahead.

First- Clint and Tasha tagged along. They weren't happy with the view from the hotel room, but they liked the bed.

 photo clintashadc2_zps499e8e4e.jpg

 photo clintashadc4_zpse68b8709.jpg

The first day was spent at the Air and Space Museum.

Clint and Tasha liked the little airplane models.
 photo clintashadc3_zpsccdc5b39.jpg

Mom and Aunt Pauletta "board" an old American Airlines plane.
 photo dc1_zpsac18bc6a.jpg

 photo dc3_zps1f7ca149.jpg

I loved this mural from the evolution of the jet plane exhibit:
 photo dc7_zps7f0d0329.jpg

Space shuttle model:
 photo dc11_zps2cb70dd6.jpg

No trip to Air and Space is complete without a visit to the gift shop- the Enterprise filming model is still there.
 photo dc12_zpsb2e039e1.jpg

This Yoda replica was for sale...$1,000!
 photo dc13_zpse9e4a074.jpg

From a WWI exhibit:
 photo dc14_zpsaf892609.jpg

Lovely old planes...
 photo dc19_zps384462b2.jpg

Tasha and Clint have a new friend- Space Cadet Hello Kitty!
 photo clintashadc5_zps9b7275ed.jpg

That's Day One. I'll post Day Two and Three tomorrow.

Tags: dc, the adventures of clintasha, toys!
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