Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

D.C. Days 2 and 3.

National Gallery of Art, a stroll on the Mall, National Museum of the American Indian.

The Washington Monument, still covered in scaffolding for earthquake repairs. It won't reopen until 2014, three years after the 5.8 2011 quake!
 photo dc22_zps0670dc33.jpg

Clint and Tasha pose in front of the monument, sort of.
 photo clintashadc6_zps06245a5d.jpg

Nice view of the Capitol.
 photo dc23_zpsa2c9bae9.jpg

One of the many lovely gardens outside of the Gallery.
 photo dc25_zps7b17fbc2.jpg

Clint and Tasha liked the fountain!
 photo clintashadc7_zpsea518e96.jpg

A perfect magnolia blossom.
 photo dc28_zps1070ce38.jpg

Planning the next stop...
 photo clintashadc8_zpsba82b726.jpg

Inside the Gallery.
 photo dc31_zpscc3f2ea2.jpg

Beautiful early American furniture!
 photo dc32_zpse1d9bc89.jpg

 photo dc35_zps9ea3c512.jpg

My favorite exhibit- the Ballets Russes. No photos were allowed...there were some gorgeous but fragile costumes and set backdrops.
 photo dc45_zpsdfeac128.jpg

Lunch in the underground walkway between the Gallery buildings...this is the view we had.
 photo dc40_zps4214359f.jpg

Keeping with the ballet theme of the day- a Renoir.
 photo dc43_zps358c8f54.jpg

We met Katie here for dinner. Spanish tapas. It was awesome.
 photo dc47_zps67afd5f6.jpg

Tasha was delighted with the Russian doll souvenirs from the Gallery.
 photo clintashadc9_zps7cbe5492.jpg

Last day, Museum of the American Indian.
 photo dc21_zpsdba1b5dc.jpg

 photo dc50_zps881814c4.jpg

Ironic no smoking sign. Those are tobacco plants! :p
 photo dc51_zps3965c62b.jpg

I didn't stay long at the museum. It was dark and hard to read the descriptions of the artifacts...it gave me a whopping migraine. Spent the rest of the afternoon in the hotel in the dark. :( But otherwise, it was a great little trip.

There are other photos, all at my Facebook page!

Tags: dc, earthquake! in! virginia!, the adventures of clintasha, toys!

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