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A photo of Jeremy Renner...getting ready to film Kill the Messenger. (I edited it slightly.) He looks happy... but seems older. A bit thinner than usual, too.
 photo jrennktm_zps2bd9c1b4.jpg

Yay, his chest hair seems to have grown back. I hate manscaping! And he's wearing jewelry again.

Saw The Lone Ranger this weekend. I enjoyed it. I'm sorry it's bombing at the box office. It really should have been called "Tonto", because Johnny Depp was pretty much the whole movie. :p


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Jul. 16th, 2013 06:01 am (UTC)
I've just come off a big Deadwood kick, loving John Hawkes as Sol Star. When I glanced at this photo, I thought it *was* Sol! Very, very similar. No wonder I loved him!

He does look a bit thinner, doesn't he? That will age you of course; as a yo-yo dieter, I know that when I lose weight the wrinkles come out more! That, and the moustache/beard are aging.
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