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Rory had to go to the vet today for a check-up, shots, bloodwork, and a claw trimming. Getting him into the carrier was a bitch. And he cried all the way to the vet! He was good once he got there, largely because he was fussed over by the vet and techs.

But he’s mad at me. Ten hours later, he’s still hiding under my bed.

Rory in his carrier:
 photo roryatthevet1_zpsaed66450.jpg

At the vet, as we tried to coax him out.
 photo roryatthevet2_zps5ba7149e.jpg

It took a while to get him out of there. He did love all the petting and cooing the vet did! He is such an attention whore! The vet said he is in perfect health and gorgeous to boot. I'm a proud mama.
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