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Goodies in the mail...

No birthday cards yet, but I did get a package today! Forgot that I ordered Hawkeye: Little Hits!

 photo lilhits1_zpse9fa8ac6.jpg

Clint is delighted...but Tasha is in for a surprise. "Work Wife? What the hell does that mean? Who the hell is Bobbi? Who the hell is Jessica???" Comic canon and action figure "life" collide!

 photo lilhits2_zps3e316674.jpg

Speaking of birthdays, I had to wait until last Sunday to give Paul his birthday cake. I found the recipe on Tumblr, and it was called "THAT Chocolate Cake". Naturally, I had to make it for Paul, the chocoloholic of the family!

 photo paulscake_zps7cae5a67.jpg

Friday night, Mom is taking me to see Les Miz at the Riverside. I still can't believe the got the rights to do it....and just in time, as the show is going back to Broadway next year.