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Another birthday come and gone...

It was a good one. Mom and I saw Les Miz at the Riverside Center, and it was incredible. It's amazing what that little dinner theater can pull off!

Got some great presents. Clint and Tasha have a new companion- Merida! Clint thinks she looks familiar..."Tasha? Is there something you forgot to tell me?"
 photo merida_zpsfbdb8d80.jpg

Captain Kirk is not impressed with the inflatable Enterprise. "What is this, a starship for ANTS?"
 photo kirkandship_zps7c1be56d.jpg

And I have Emily, Molly's English friend, to add to my American Girls collection.
 photo emily_zps2a72da4a.jpg

I still can't believe those to are being retired. :(

Tomorrow was also the second anniversary of Rory becoming my kitty! I can't believe it's been that long. My birthday kitten is all grown up...