Judi (mollybarton) wrote,


Long week. First off, Sam had ended up in the hospital with pneumonia this week. He's home (in Richmond) now, taking his medicines, and Nikki is looking after him. Katie and Paul both think he needs to hold on to her! :)

We spent Friday at Potomac Mills shopping for Katie's birthday presents. Lunch at Red Robin- Katie found the onion rings just the right size for a bracelet!
 photo rr1_zps2361cc05.jpg

It was a good shopping day.

I finished another movie quote cross stitch- this time from Spaceballs!
 photo aholes_zps901a04ff.jpg

Also, I framed the Airplane! quote:
 photo glue2_zps5fbb45e8.jpg

Finally, some of the Avengers explored my inflatable Enterprise! Clint and Tasha enjoyed the ride, Thor worried about Loki.
 photo avengerprise1_zps4884b9b1.jpg
Tags: cross stitch, family stuff, shopping!, the adventures of clintasha, the avengers, toys!

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