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So, I had my tooth filled...after having my gum cut with a laser. OUCH. I can still feel the stitches...it will take a week for them to dissolve. And my whole jaw hurts...dentist was pretty rough! And after all that, she told me I'll have to get a crown on that tooth eventually! Jeez.

I couldn't eat much after. I had a Frosty from Wendy's for lunch! :p

Went to Michaels after to cheer myself up, and lo and behold, Art-i-Cake has a new line of Christmas and Halloween charms! I bought a bunch of Christmas stuff:
 photo christmasamycharms_zpsb1e3ad00.jpg

I bought one Halloween pendant, and made a necklace right away:
 photo candycorn_zps5799a9d5.jpg

Finally, I stitched the first of three Star Trek insignia ornanments:
 photo trekornament_zps870ebb5f.jpg

These will be great additions to my Trek-mas tree! And "He's Dead, Jim" is so small I might turn it into an ornament, too.

It took a while for the numbness to wear off today...and now I'm very tired.And still hurting. Going to bed early!


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Aug. 23rd, 2013 06:10 am (UTC)
Man, that sounds familiar. Ouch. My gum is still sore and I had cutting away extra and not stitches. Crown to follow. Why are teeth so annoying???? And so expensive to fix!
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