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A big bell choir!

The handbell choir went to a Nats game last night to play the national anthem. 542 ringers were there!

Here's a video someone shot. I'm somewhere under the GEICO sign. :p

The performance:
 photo natbells21_zps5e040017.jpg

Before that...we rehearsed on the field. It was cool to see it up close!
 photo natbells5_zps57255036.jpg

 photo natbells3_zpsd7a016b5.jpg

 photo natbells7_zpsaa7f3898.jpg

We got to see a lot of behind the scenes stuff.
 photo natbells13_zps644b9a8e.jpg

 photo natbells9_zpse991fc00.jpg

After playing, we watched the game. Dad got some funnel cake. Yum.
 photo natbells14_zpsf4b1b51d.jpg

The racing Presidents plus the Geico gecko.

 photo natbells16_zpsb8bcad81.jpg

It was a lot of fun. The Nats beat the Miami Marlins!
 photo natbells17_zps2ce1c8bc.jpg

Didn't get home until one in the morning! It was so much fun, but I'm still exhausted.

 photo natbells1_zpsaa71a938.jpg



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Aug. 31st, 2013 03:54 am (UTC)
Watched the video. That was beautiful. You all must have had a ball!

A bell?

Belle of the ball?

Belle of the ball game?

(I'm sorry. This is how my mind works. It's an uncommon mind, to put it mildly. I often feel sorry for GA.)
Aug. 31st, 2013 08:17 am (UTC)
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