Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Finally saw The Numbers Station. It wasn’t too bad. It was a bit claustrophobic. I liked John Cusack as usual. He’s hard not to like, even when the movie is shit. And this wasn’t shit, really. Plot- burned-out assassin is assigned to watch over a numbers station operator- station is taken over by bad guys. Good guys have to figure out how the station was compromised and what happened to the other operators (duh, they’re already dead) and how to undo the damage. By the numbers (sorry) plot with decent acting.

Spoilers about Bryan Dick’s character ahead….

Just had a bit of fun tallying up all the bad things that happen to poor Bryan in this one: Head smashed against a locker (twice), beaten up in general, FIRE EXTINGUISHER SMASHED IN HIS FACE, hand cut off….and even then, he still manages to crawl off (conveniently leaving a blood trail for Cusack to follow), get a gun and shoot one of the bad guys before finally being shot dead! I think that’s the most abuse the poor woobie has had in his career…all in one movie. Oh, yeah, he had a girlfriend in this one (well he was grabbing her ass)...the one he was protecting- and was actually supposed to kill if the station were compromised. So basically, the whole station getting overrun by bad guys was his fault. Love makes people do DUMB things...

Working on screepcaps of Poor Woobie from this. Man, he can take a beating.

I also saw Bryan in the miniseries The Ice Cream Girls. His part was fairly small, but A. He didn't die. and B. He got the girl.

Meanwhile, I've had the cold from hell all week. It's really knocked me on my ass. I thought I was getting better, but suddenly felt worse this morning, If I still feel bad tomorrow, it's back to the doctor for me. ARRGH.
Tags: arrrrggggggghhhh!, fangirl rants/squees, health woes, movies, poor woobie, television
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