Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Poor Woobie!

Four screencaps of Bryan Dick in The Numbers Station. I limited it to four, because he's either bloodied up or dead in most of his scenes. :p

Before the bad things start happening- Woobie David with Meredith (Lucy Griffiths, another she-dies-in-everything actor, but that's a whole other post)...hmmm, gonna get it on in the bunker?

 photo tns4_zps77493b11.jpg photo tns5_zpsb4789656.jpg

They were adorable. If the writers had given them a little more to do, other than be the sacrificial lambs, the movie might have been better. A little character development never hurts, especially since we're supposed to, you know, care! All we got was she's the cryptologist, he's her "protector" (really supposed to kill her if shit goes down)...and that they were apparently a couple (the reason he couldn't shoot her like he was supposed to). But at least they left a breadcrumb (er, blood) trail for John Cusack and Mailn Ackerman to follow so they could fix everything.

You had one job, David...
 photo tns3_zps6c3a2a1c.jpg

Oh, well, they would have killed him anyway.
 photo tns1_zps33f4d0a5.jpg

Bryan always looks good in a suit...
Tags: fangirl rants/squees, movies, poor woobie

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