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Dear antibiotics and cough meds, I'm 90% better. But you're making me so tired that I may as well be still sick. No love, me. And ear drops? You are just gross.

Seriously, I need a nap and it's late afternoon. I could go to bed now and not wake up until after midnight. And then could go right back to bed after that.

I'm not going to Louisville, it looks like. Rory can't be boarded because he won't eat. And if he's left alone at home, even with someone coming to feed him, he won't eat and he'll starve and die. I love that cat, but I just don't understand why he's so needy and why he won't accept other people...he HATES Katie. He loves Paul (all animals love Paul!), but Katie is always with him when he comes over. LOL. I really wanted to go. I want to meet Riley and Benjy while they're still babies! :( Mom has promised me that we'll go to New York around Christmas if I can't go to Kentucky, though.

Addition to my last entry- I was just helping Mom water the garden. She actually has four pumpkins growing! One is tiny and may not survive the first frost. But that probably won't happen until late October.
Tags: a bit not good, arrrrggggggghhhh!, babies!, family stuff, garden, health woes, kentucky, rory
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