Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Brain bleach! Stat!

Just watched The Paperboy. Oh, Lord. That was disturbing. I like weird and twisted stuff (my favorite contemporary author is Carl Hiassen), but this was unreal. Good story if you blank out the more disturbing bits. John Cusack was terrifying. Plus I need some brain bleach after seeing his pasty white ass. :p

I can't really describe the plot. Matthew McConaughey plays a reporter doing a story about Cusack's character, a convicted murderer. Nicole Kidman is the prisoner's pen pal out to prove him innocent so she can marry him. Zac Efron (the Paperboy of the title) is McConaughey's little brother, who falls in love with Kidman. There's some really icky stuff- the "touchless" prison sex scene between Kidman and Cusack and the scene where Kidman pees on Efron's jellyfish stings are really played for laughs, but a scene where McConaughey is beaten up and raped by two men is horrifying. And the sex scene between Kidman and Cusack (after he gets out of prison) was nasty and bordered on rape. And then there's Cusack's puffy butt. Yikes. I need to watch Say Anything...to get that character out of my head!

I give it 6.5 out of 10 because the acting was good. Efron impressed me, and Kidman and Cusack in particular really dig into their characters. I've never seen either do stuff like this before.
Tags: movies, omgwtfbbq, wtf did i just watch
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